Iraq war to maintain dollar dominance

At Tim’s birthday party last weekend, I was arguing with Jim and Brandon something about Euro currency policy. Then Carlin said, “You know why the U.S. went to war? To defend the dollar.” I hadn’t heard any mention of this anywhere. This morning I looked for some corroborating info, and found a bunch.

It’s not about a conflict of Occidental and Islamic civilizations. It’s a battle of currencies: American and European. While America is dependent on oil, oil-exporting nations are dependent on American dollars. The “the entire global oil trade is conducted in dollars”, meaning that everyone needs dollars. Demand for the dollar maintains it’s high exchange rates. But in October 2000, Iraq switched its oil trading to the Euro, threatening the dominance of the dollar.

This theory helps explain the opposition from France and Germany and the cooperation of Britain. (The pound is also a competitor to the Euro, and England is sure to get a piece of the spoils.)

What interests me even more than this theory is that I have seen absolutely no mention of it in American media. I can’t even find find anything on Google News But Google did find me these:

The shadow war: euro vs. dollar in The Hindu, India’s national newspaper
The Euro and the War on Iraq in Enki3d, The Digital Underground and Free Press of Northwest Arkansas
Dollar Wars Against the EURO in Think & Ask, a nonprofit news agency
a discussion thread on Metafilter, a community blog

And the FCC is planning next week to remove safeguards against further consolidation by the Big 5 media conglomerates? Sure, I can find sources today with the Internet that long ago would not have had any voice. But most Americans get their “news” from TV, and it’s all becoming the same corporate-run quasi-propoganda.

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