On the road again

… seein’ places I already been. Well, half-n-half.

For those who don’t know… oh, first, let me explain who “you” are.

You are either a) someone who stumbled across my blog or b) someone who I stuck on my hours-old TuradgTravel mailing list, which broadcast notification of a new blog entry. If you’re in (a), I’d really like to know what you’re doing here. If you’re in (b), you may be wondering why. Either you expressed an interest in hearing from me on my trip, or I just figured you were (interested). Of course, if you are not, just unsubscribe through the web form or let me know. I’ll take you right off, no questions asked. 😉

Why can’t I just write an e-mail with a big “To:” field like a normal person? Cuz I’m not normal. You know this. I’ve been playing with this blog stuff and I like experimenting with it. You may feel like a guinea pig, but you know, that’s what friends are for.

Now, back to our previously scheduled sentence:

For this who don’t know, I spent three months touring Europe in Summer 2000 with Micah and Alisha. Then I spent 9 months living in several places in Bordeaux. One of those places was La Maison Masson. Jerome Masson told me that Sophie Masson was getting married June 21 so I thought I’d use it as an excuse to come see all my wonderful Euro friends. Thus, here I am in Europe.

Currently enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon in Dublin, biked home at 7am this morning. Home is currently Davide’s room, which he left me along with his bicycle before leaving for Brussels yesterday. What a nice guy, eh?

Man, so much on my mind…. not much worthy of being written. I think I’ll write in my journal for a while, clear my mind of the precious little details I sometimes like to record (to make for more vivid nostalgizing later on). Then maybe I’ll come back and write more coherently, able to pay some attention to discerning what anyone cares to read.

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