Some good reading

I mostly read the New York Times because I signed up for their daily headlines by e-mail a couple years ago and it gives me my quota of daily news. I especially like the opinion section; while it is biased, at least it’s intelligent and the contributors often bring insights that I hadn’t. I also read because they have such a convienent “E-mail this article” button to let me share interesting articles with my friends. Unfortunately, I can’t just dump the articles to my blog here and linked content is only free until the it’s a week or so old. Then you have to buy into their archives.

But it dawned on me today that I could link to articles on AlterNet. And it would do more good since the established media don’t need any help getting heard. AlterNet has articles from independent media. What I read on AlterNet I always wonder why I hadn’t heard that viewpoint anywhere else. Maybe because of the de facto conspiracy of the media conglomerates to support the American plutocracy? Maybe. Regardless, AlterNet‘s good reading.

Here are some articles I read recently and was glad for it:
America: Love It but Don’t Leave It
Rethinking Objective Journalism
The Silencing of Dissent on Graduation Day
Reclaiming America
The Invisible Writers

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