Rebias a biased poll

From the “America Family Association”:

What is your position on homosexual marriage? Cast your vote in the National Homosexual Marriage Poll. The results will be presented to Congress. Please Vote Now!

I am pretty confident that no one in Congress believes that such a poll is valid, but that doesn’t mean they won’t tout it to the media. Why don’t you voice your stance?

If you’re not sure how to vote, perhaps these articles on their site will help you see clearly:

Survey: Only Half of Pastors Have ‘Biblical’ Worldview
A new survey indicates that when it comes to developing a biblical worldview, a good place to start may be with the people in the pulpit.

God’s Purpose for Governing Authorities
From whence does all authority and dominion flow? To what end are all powers appointed and judged of Almighty God? Such questions introduce a concept, which is so far removed from the collective memory of Americans, it sounds like an intrusion of religion into the serenity of a nation that has almost become completely secularized.

Statistics Show Declining Interest in Civil Unions
Interest in Vermont same-sex civil unions is on the decline, and those numbers provide some insight into what the homosexual lobby’s attack on marriage is really all about.

From that article:
“The homosexual lifestyle is about sexual adventure,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. “I’m beginning to see that they’re not interested in obtaining marriage for the purpose of monogamy and long-term commitment.”
The relative lack of interest, he added, reveals the underlying goal is not attaining marriage, but rather destroying the traditional marriage culture.
“Clearly, this is going to be a defining moment for America and for all of Western civilization,” Perkins said. “Will we defend the historical, traditional and biblical view of marriage and family, or will it pass into the shadows of history?”

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