I had these links all sitting in a folder called ToShare. Why? Why do I care to share? I suspect I have a preternatural inclination to disseminate memes. When I read I think, “who else should read this?” Usually the answer I feel is “everybody” but then I refine my query, “who can I share this with who would want to receive it?”

That’s a tough question. I don’t know everyone’s wants. I don’t even know everyone. I have friends; I know what they like. I know what they’re receptive to. I send them articles and such that I know they would appreciate receiving. I am warmed by making the world more informed and fulfilled.

I started this blog, in part, to be able to share with people who I don’t know or who I don’t know well enough to be sure they’ll be glad to receive what I’m sharing. The tough part is, there’s no feedback. When I share with someone verbally, I get to see their eyes glaze over.

I think a key component of the practice of sharing is feedback. You remember Show and Tell. Sometimes everyone gaped slack-jawed at your new Transformer, and other times your peers were more engrossed by the cavities of their noses.

Why doesn’t MovableType have a little 1-5 ranking button? Make it unbearably easy for someone to give you feedback. Then you can see what your audience is into. What size it is. Whether you have one.

Do I have one? If not, I at least take solice that the links below will increase the Google pagerank of these worthwhile memes.

Controversial ecstasy research used wrong drug

How America Created a Terrorist Haven

Masturbating may protect against prostate cancer


Google Search: Divine Wager

RedNova News: Near-Extinct ‘Whistling Language’ Makes Comeback — Other view: Why just look to Europe? There’s more to this world

Slashdot | Disney Completes Dali Animation

SpaceHijackers CAke Eaters


Fake lie-detector reveals women’s sex lies
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