Why I don’t play videogames

I haven’t had an autobiographical entry here in a while. (Or much otherwise.) I keep a journal; that’s where my thoughts go.

I’m writing this here because I’m increduluous myself. Somehow broadcasting it to the world makes it more real: I started playing Civ 3 at noon today and when I closed the game the little white-on-blue clock in the corner said 6:03am. I thought it must have be tweaked, but then I turned my head (slowly because my neck at the moment contains steel cables) and out my window I saw daybreak.

And I’m not even tired! Must be because my range of movement all day was a few inches.

This isn’t because I’m a pathetic shut-in; it’s because I’m a pathetic gimp. I (re)injured my knee last weekend and I have to stay off it. It’s so frustrating; I think I might be better of amputating the damned thing and getting a peg-leg. I’ve always wanted a parrot.

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