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The wine world gets its own incendiary documentary.
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Large claims (with payouts of at least $25,000 in 1988 dollars) were roughly constant in frequency. The percentage of claims with payments of more than $1 million remained steady at about 6 percent of all large claims. The number of total paid claims per 100 practicing physicians per year fell to fewer than five in 2002 from greater than six in 1990-92. Mean and median payouts per large paid claim were roughly constant. Jury verdicts in favor of plaintiffs showed no trend over time. The total cost of large malpractice claims was both stable and a small fraction (less than 1 percent) of total health care expenditures in Texas.
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I’ve been waiting for this!
The Rev. Rich Cizik, vice president of governmental affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals and a significant voice in the debate, said, “I don’t think God is going to ask us how he created the earth, but he will ask us what we did with what he created.”
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The Best Simpsons “Couch Gag” Ever

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