Working at Berkeley

I’ve received two separate protest notices in the past week. A solid policy if you ask me.

X-Priority: 2 (High)
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 11:12:45 -0700
To: Building Coordinators and Alternates
Subject: Protest Today

Building Coordinators and Alternates:

There will be a protest today at noon, in Sproul Plaza. This is the”Students Against War” group, who are protesting the presences of military recruiters at today’s Career Fair in Pauley Ballroom. It is expected that activities will be focused mainly on the Plaza area, but be aware that they may also march and remind your building occupants of the procedures should they enter your building:

If marchers enter your building, let them. Try to carry on business as usual. If the noise becomes too great, or the crowd too large, feel free to close and lock your office doors – this is a
departmental decision.

Do not close your buildings unless the Police advise you to.

As always, if you have questions please feel free to contact the UC Police department at 642-6760.

Thank you.

Treacy H. Malloy 510-642-9036
UC Police Department FAX: 643-2186
Office of Emergency Preparedness
1 Sproul Hall #1199
Berkeley, CA 94720-1199

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