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Even if persuasion is, fortunately persuadability isn’t. The remedy is to clear the channel so the source may restore.
The politicians and the press didn’t kill off persuasion intentionally, of course; it’s more manslaughter than murder. Persuasion just isn’t relevant to delivering elections or eyeballs. Pols have figured out that to get votes you don’t need to change minds. Even when they want to, modern media make it hard. They give officials seconds to make their point, ignore their ideas in favor of their poll numbers or showcase a clash of caricatures, believing this is the only way to make “debate” entertaining. Elections may turn on emotions like hope and fear anyway, but with persuasion’s passing, there’s no alternative.
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I wonder if this guy’s book manages to expand on this idea in any meaningful way.
Daniel H. Pink is the author of “A Whole New Mind: Moving From the Information Age to the Conceptual Age.”
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