Bookmarks for 2005-08-02

Grabbed from my furl.

Rated 4
Through a $10-a-year software rental that goes on sale today, iSkoot promises to let people make international calls to other Skype users for nothing more than the price of local air time for the link from their cellphones to their broadband-connected home computers. Just as Internet phone technology has slashed the price of making conventional landline long-distance calls and enabled unlimited calling for as little as $20 a month, the iSkoot technology could put pressure on still-exorbitant wireless international calling charges.
Rated 3
this stuff is made for kids? (check out the other sections too, like Propoganda)
Rated 4
Far better to downgrade Pluto to the status of an icy sphere that was once mistakenly deemed a planet because we had not yet discovered its compatriots on the dark fringes of the solar system.
Rated 4
In April, foldedspace published ultra-condensed summaries of several books on becoming financially independent. This is a good idea. Most of these kinds of books can be condensed to a couple of hundred words. Of course, that doesn’t do any good to the authors, because you can’t make a book out of 200 words.
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