New uber-feed

I had too much caffeine too late in the evening today and so I find myself at 3am converging my blog, Flickr photos, and Furl bookmarks into one uber newsfeed. Try it out. I’ve also got rotating headlines from this feed on my personal page now.

I’m glad to have these three foci of my web generative activity in one feed. What I still need is a way to provide this feed to people who don’t want to deal with anything other than e-mail. I’m surprised there isn’t any service out there that sends a daily e-mail snapshot of a feed (or feeds). If there was, FeedBurner could provide it as one of their click-through subscription mechanisms. Such a service would likely not last long as newsfeeds become a greater part of the net software ecosystem.

Incidentally, last night at the 2604 houseparty I had a great conversation with a guy named Nick who’s starting his doctoral program in the Berkeley sociology dept. He says sociologists aren’t paying attention to the internet. Amazing. He was really excited by the “what did you call it?” “social bookmarking.” I am too. Now if it was just easy enough for my mom to use.

Update: I just noticed that the animated headline box doesn’t splice in the Flickr and Furl items as I expected. I’ve reported this to Feedburner; I hope they fix it.

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