Farm subsidies for non-farmers

Check out this
Washington Post article with an interactive map of farm subsidies. It’s a good thing, making this map. It helps people see where these pork subsidies are going.

Unfortunately, it does a lousy job of representing the relative distribution. Look at Tulare County in Cental California. It’s received $27.9 million. Then look at Hale County in western Texas. It received $32.9 million. Pretty close, except about 7 Hale Counties fit inside Tulare County. If you add up the agacent counties that match the land area, you see over $100 million payout.

But what is a county anyway? Do we really care about county borders? Wouldn’t a more interesting analysis show congretional districts? Those are implicitly per-capita since each district is supposed to have about the same number of people. That’s something I’d like to see.

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