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I just volunteered to review papers in 2008 for several divisions and SIGs of AERA, the American Educational Research Association. It’s a very long list (12 divisions, 3 committees, and 160 SIGs). Below are the SIGs that grabbed my attention.

Mind you, the American Educational Research Association is sincere.

Volunteer Confirmation.

Dear Turadg,

Thank you for volunteering for the 2008 aera Annual Meeting.

Thank you for your submission.

American Educational Research Association

SIG-Brain, Neurosciences, and Education
SIG-Career and Technical Education
SIG-Cognition and Assessment
SIG-Communication of Research
SIG-Comprehensive School Reform
SIG-Computer and Internet Applications in Education
SIG-Conflict Resolution and Violence Prevention
SIG-Confluent Education
SIG-Confucianism, Taoism, and Education
SIG-Constructivist Theory, Research and Practice
SIG-Cooperative Learning: Theory, Research and Practice
SIG-Critical Educators for Social Justice
SIG-Critical Examination of Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in Education
SIG-Critical Issues in Curriculum and Cultural Studies
SIG-Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education
SIG-Cultural-Historical Research
SIG-Democratic Citizenship in Education
SIG-Design and Technology
SIG-Fiscal Issues, Policy and Education Finance
SIG-Foucault and Education
SIG-Hierarchical Linear Modeling
SIG-Hispanic Research Issues
SIG-Holistic Education
SIG-Home Economics Research
SIG-Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
SIG-Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific
SIG-Informal Learning Environments Research
SIG-Instructional Technology
SIG-Ivan Illich
SIG-John Dewey Society
SIG-Learning Sciences (formerly: Education, Science and Technology)
SIG-Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership (formerly: Teaching in Educational Administration)
SIG-Lives of Teachers
SIG-Marxian Analysis of Schools, Society and Education
SIG-Media, Culture and Curriculum
SIG-Moral Development and Education
SIG-Multiple Linear Regression: The General Linear Model
SIG-Paulo Freire
SIG-Peace Education
SIG-Philosophical Studies in Education
SIG-Postcolonial Studies and Education
SIG-Problem-Based Learning
SIG-Queer Studies
SIG-Rasch Measurement
SIG-Religion and Education
SIG-Research Focus on Black Education
SIG-Research Focus on Education and Sport
SIG-Research Focus on Education in the Caribbean and Africa
SIG-Research on Giftedness and Talent
SIG-Research on Learning and Instruction in Physical Education
SIG-Research on Teacher Induction
SIG-Research on Women and Education
SIG-Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans
SIG-Research on the Education of Deaf Persons
SIG-Research on the Superintendency
SIG-Research, Education, Information, and School Libraries
SIG-Rural Education
SIG-Safe Schools and Communities
SIG-School Choice
SIG-School Community, Climate and Culture
SIG-School Effectiveness and School Improvement
SIG-School Indicators, Profiles, and Accountability
SIG-School-University Collaborative Research
SIG-Science Teaching and Learning
SIG-Second Language Research
SIG-Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices
SIG-Semiotics in Education
SIG-Service Learning and Experiential Education
SIG-Social and Emotional Learning
SIG-Society of Professors of Education
SIG-Sociology of Education
SIG-Special Education Research
SIG-Spirituality and Education
SIG-Stress and Coping in Education
SIG-Structural Equation Modeling
SIG-Studying and Self-Regulated Learning
SIG-Supervision and Instructional Leadership
SIG-Teacher as Researcher
SIG-Teachers' Work/Teacher Unions
SIG-Technology as an Agent of Change in Teaching and Learning
SIG-Technology, Instruction, Cognition & Learning
SIG-Test Validity Research and Evaluation
SIG-Tracking and Detracking
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