Software activation woes with SAS

Forgive me for venting again about a bad experience with a company policy. This times it’s software activation. Maybe if everyone complains, something will change.

I’m trying to do my research today in JMP by SAS. I used to use R (FLOSS software yay) but I have to use JMP in a research methods course I’m taking. It does look easier and should save me time.

…when it works. Right now I’m trying to get the program to open with the serial number I paid for. Here is my e-mail to their tech support (since their phone support is closed for the day).

Technical Support Form
Problem Description:

Subject: My activation is no longer working

Problem Description:

I purchased and activated JMP 7 on my laptop. I have used it several times over the last couple weeks. Today I opened it again, and it asks me to activate. In the field to enter the serial number is the serial number I entered before. I click to activate and it says that that number has already been used and tells me to call technical support.

I did, but it’s outside your business hours. I am very frustrated that I can’t get my work done because a) your company does not trust its users to pay and b) your activation system is buggy.

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