#0 Ostentatious mockery of “whiteness” « Stuff White People Like

White people like many things. One of the main things they like is to be confronted with their “whiteness”. They want to atone for the sin of being white. Note that “being white” does not include shopping at Wal-Mart or following evangelicalism. “Being white” means acting in the manner of those white people who have power and interest in exploring their role in society. All of their attempts to better themselves or society though are in order to feel moral superiority or “less white”. White people who care about the pain of animals may choose not to eat them, but ultimately this is so they can feel as though they are helping the environment AND it gives them a sweet way to feel superior to others. White people who are excited by learning about other cultures do it in order that you know how special and unique they are.

Remember that white people are not poor people. White people are those with the privileges of computers and free time that they can spend it on a web site mocking them and providing ad revenue to the person generating generalizations of them.

Remember also that people “of color” (white people do not have a color—really they are so empty as to be translucent) do not exhibit the attributes above. Black people do not like coffee, Apple products, to study abroad, bicycles, or recycling. Black, yellow, red, brown, and purple people who do like any of the aforementioned things are not acting their color or being true to their cultures.

If you see a non-white person at Whole Foods, they are probably trying to be white.

p.s. white people also love the socially pacifying power of conspicuous irony

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