Geez, I’m sure glad I shaved

The Smiley Award has been getting lots of press. 

Press Release from Friday
CMU noted it Friday and now has it in releases
On the blog of the CS department head
And just now I saw a write-up on Yahoo’s Messenger blog 

I am pleased to be a co-recipient of the Smiley Award.  Because of the history of the Smiley and the goal of the award to highlight "projects that are both useful and fun" I think it’s nicely fitting that the first recipients are from the Art School and the School of Computer Science. Of course, it is primarily an art project and thus Jennifer’s baby.

When Jennifer told me that One Cold Hand was winning the Smiley Award I was really happy, and glad to have been asked to help.  Back in November it just seemed like a cute idea and I thought it would be fun to handle the technical side of things.  Since then, it’s been a long interesting ride.

I remember our giddiness when it hit the New York Times, as an Associated Press article and the hockey stick we saw on Google Analytics.  And the subsequent waning of interest.  And then the occasional peaks as it hit the home page of a big news site in Hungary, or Italy, or Brazil.  I don’t remember them all. 

All along I was happy to see Jenn get her due recognition in the interviews with BBC radio, Pittsburgh television, NPR, CNN, etc.  It was her baby.  To extend a metaphor, I was the ob/gyn who helped bring it into the world.  People take pictures of the baby with the mom, not the ob/gyn.  She’s the one who nurtured it to greatness.

When I suggested she submit One Cold Hand for the Smiley Award, we thought it would be the project that won or lost.  Really, the project has required a battalion of volunteers collecting gloves from boxes and interning with Jenn in her studio.  Not to mention the countless people taking the time to pick up a glove and carry it to a box, based on a simple and statistically improbable hope that it be reunited with its mate.

So now that this Smiley Award press is bouncing around the internet, I wanted to publically (as if anyone reads this blog) thank Jenn and all the volunteers for the great experience I’ve had with the project.


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