Mac tip: Title bar file icon is a proxy

Sometimes I could kiss my Mac.  I love the little icon in the title bar is a draggable proxy for the file.  I don’t remember how I noticed this, but it’s very handy.  Apple describes it on this Pro Tips page so I’ll use their nice graphic:

So that’s great but it gets better.  The file icon subtly indicates whether the file has any unsaved changes, by graying out.  (Reading that page, I also learned that the red close button gets a black dot if there are unsaved changes.)

Here’s the thing that moved me to write a whole blog post: right click on that file to see and navigate its hierarchy in the file system.  You ever need a file that’s in the same folder as the file you’re working with?  Just right click on that icon and click the containing folder.  So simple, sorta intuitive, and I can’t find it mentioned anywhere.

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