Please resend mail March 16-26 (never got it)

Short version

If you sent mail to my e-mail address in the range of March 16-26 (inclusive) please send it again. My mail receiver was broken those dates and the mail sent then is lost in the ether.

Long version

Earlier in the month I switched from BulkRegister domain registrar to GoDaddy. (I was happy with Enom but they moved my account to BulkRegister which is shady. No I don’t understand why.) I transferred multiple names over and the others kept their DNS server settings, but didn’t. The transition went into effect on March 16, at which point the name resolves to some ad site and mail addressed to started going to /dev/null.

I finally noticed yesterday after someone chatted me twice, “will you reply to my e-mail?” and fixed it. To help avoid such a problem in the future, I set up a page monitor for changes in my main page, which is static. For good measure I also set Google Reader to monitor changes (nice feature, that).

In the course of doing this, I got frustrated with the long cache on my ISP’s DNS server so switched to OpenDNS. I also tried Google Public DNS, but liked the features with OpenDNS.

Sorry for the trouble if you sent me mail then. It’s unsettling to not receive 10 days of e-mail, without the sender knowing you didn’t get it.

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