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Summary: This post describes how to set up a WordPress blog with a FeedBurner feed per category. Basically, use this wp-feedburner plugin by unzipping the latest plugin archive into your wp-content/plugins folder.

I’ve been posting at multiple blogs and I’ve decided to consolidate them all under one site, turadg.aleahmad.net. What were separate blogs before will now just be separate categories. I needed a way for people to subscribe to just one category, either by RSS or email. I use FeedBurner to handle this email subscription and also provide ego-stroking stats.

The WordPress support and FeedBurner support docs recommend the FeedSmith plugin but it only handles one feed for all posts. (And the link from the WordPress docs is dead since the Google acquisition.) The WordPress docs also recommend the Flagrant disregard Feedburner plugin. The FD plugin supports redirecting category feeds to FeedBurner but it redirects all or none of them and hard-codes the naming scheme. It also redirects tag feeds. I don’t want to make a FeedBurner feed for every category and tag. I also want to control the FeedBurner feed name on a per-feed basis.

So I went with the Feedburner WP Plugin Category Fix from interfacelab. It took me a while to find and I wanted to add an option to redirect permanently, so by the power of open source I checked it into Github and customized it. I found the name a little confusing so I gave it a new name, wp-feedburner. I hope that other FeedBurner-related functionality can be added to this plugin through forks on GitHub and pushed to the master after vetting. To install the main branch, unzip the master branch archive or check it out into your plugins folder:

cd wp-content/plugins
git clone git://github.com/turadg/wp-feedburner.git

Once you activate it, the settings are quite straightforward. If you need any more help or tips on setting up a feed per category, see this excellent post, Category Feeds with WordPress and Feedburner.

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