“SSH Plugin” in latest Quicksilver

Today I came across this question, How to create an ssh connection Terminal shortcut, and had to answer as it’s been a frustration of mine. For years I’ve used Quicksilver with the SSH Plugin to quickly log into remote hosts: Cmd-space, type a few characters of the hostname, hit enter, and bam there I am. I avoid passwords by using ssh keys and I avoid setting up a list of hosts because SSH Plugin automatically scans ~/.ssh/known_hosts. And of course, I avoid so many more keypresses because Quicksilver is slick.

But Quicksilver is also old and buggy. The build I’ve been using is from 2006 and it’s is prone to long pauses and abrupt crashes. I’ve tried newer builds but they break SSH Plugin and I could never part with it. Today I decided to give it another try and discovered RemoteHosts. It does a lot more but there’s one critical setting if you want it to work like SSH Plugin: Go into the catalog for it and enabled the checkbox for ~/.ssh/known_hosts.

Incidentally, if you also need the latest Quicksilver binary, this is the latest I could find : Downloads for tiennou’s blacktree-alchemy – GitHub. There are new versions in the quicksilver source tree if you want the latest. All you needis XCode and it’s a one button build.

It’s a shame that Quicksilver has languished when it does so much that its upstart competitors still lack. Maybe the new Quicksilver Collated site will help.

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