Understanding Classroom 2.0

(Aleahmad and Galyardt)

Classroom 2.0 is a social network site for people interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education.

Understanding Classroom 2.0 is a research project to better understand the community of Classroom 2.0 and the role it plays and can play in education. The project is in progress but we have some preliminary findings to share.

Visualization of membership

To get a feel for the growth of the membership throughout the globe, we’ve plotted each membership signup on Google Earth. We used the timeline feature to let you choose a time window to observe and play it through time to dynamically update the display. You might try viewing the Google Earth layers. If you want a demonstration of browsing the layers, a demonstration movie (15MB) is available. If that MPEG doesn’t work, it’s also available in AVI format (93MB).

screenshot from movie

Topic modeling

Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation, we’ve determined the set of topics discussed on the site. While this list may not be news to people on the forums, this analysis will also allow us to determine how much any post belongs to any of these topics (its mixture) and analyze the way information is flowing between participants.

  1. General Vocabulary (School)
  2. Teachers, Technology, & Professional Development
  3. Students & Classroom Technology
  4. Technology & Subject Matter
  5. Foreign Language Learning & Virtual Worlds
  6. Software, School Policy, & Advice
  7. Student Blogging
  8. Looking for Ideas to use in Classroom
  9. Lesson Sharing
  10. Collaboration (on class projects)
  11. General Vocabulary (Stop Words)
  12. External Resources (parents, universities, state,…)
  13. Future of Education
  14. Education & Social Networking
  15. Presentation Media (powerpoint, youtube,…)
  16. Urls, Links & Websites
  17. Wikis, Google & Flickr
  18. Blogging
  19. Online Workshops & Conferences
  20. Foreign Words

Topic modeling example

Here is an example post and how its word fit into the categories:

Topic Codes:  presentation media help seeking general vocab teachers  

Subject: Converting Quicktime files???

Can any very resourceful and experienced readers assist me? I am trying to use short video clips from my Panasonic camera I am able to view them with Quicktime, but the files are too big, even though they are only a few minutes long. I have tried to convert them using Zamzar, but they are taking hours to upload. Is there another solution to reducing their size, so that I can upload them to TeacherTube and/or use them on my blog?

Tags: convert, files, teachertube, video

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